The Game of Interdependence - Introduction

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Last December we had our Christmas Party at Felis Beach Resort(Davao).The highlight of the said event was our "amazing-race-team-building" kind of game. It was like some sort of halo-halo, only it's different. Some games we found on the net and others were ordinary games that we created with a twist. This game was inspired from a "Kamuritsing Race" I mentioned in my Raw and Rainbow Salad post.

And I said in my post last time that I would share to you the mechanics and the stations of the game and so here it is:

Arranging the said game was a huge piece of work. There were a lot of what-if's along the way.

Where can you play the game?
*A huge place. Preferably done outdoors.

There are 4 teams(red, blue, green and white) and 5 stations. Each team is composed of 10 people picked randomly upon registration. It's good if some of them don't know each other because it would give them an opportunity to socialize and bond with the group.

Most games that involves teams have leaders. But, we did not ask them to appoint any team leader for the group because we want them to be "Interdependent" with each other. It wasn't a game of who gets to finish first although it was our original plan but so as to be fair we used the "point value system". WE have to arrange the sequence of the stations of each team, so that they would not have to wait.

Each team would be given envelopes which would contain a "Felis Resort brochure" and their first clue. Some of them did not realize that the brochure was what we kept referring to as the "map". Along the way, I have to point it out, that the brochure was the map.

The five (5) stations are:

Station 1: Treasure Hunt
Station 2: Sack Race *with a twist*
Station 3: Minefield
Station 4: Zhi Relay
Station 5: Carols

*a sketch I made for the Facilitators*

We added one last station at the last minute, so that they will be informed that they finished all the designated stations.

You have to be sure that each team has a different sequence of which station to go first.

We also made each team come up with their own cheer in five minutes before starting the game. In that way, they could loosen up with each other before the game starts.

to be continued: Station 1: Treasure Hunt

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Original Comments:


Looks like fun... did you invented this game?

waw i miss races like that. :)

i think its a good game for team building :) good day tina!

That's so cool that you can have a Christmas party, or any party at a beach resort! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. have a great week Tina :)

wow! what a cool game.. .. gagayahin ko yan pag tuloy ang outing namin after graduation.. heheh. aabangan ko to..


treasure hunt! wowowowow!

Sidney: It is fun! nope, I did not. It's a mix of games we all know.

DQ: You should have more races like this! hehe

Dimaks: Yes! yes.. very good for team buildings.

Richard: go go go! masaya sya lalao na pag marami kayo! hehe

Acey: hehe.

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