The Game of Interdependence - Station 3

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Welcome to Station 3

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Minefield *with a twist*: Focus. Get around the obstacles and Reach your Dreams.

Fact: Minefield is a classic TEAM-BUILDING activity.

This station is just a few steps away from Station 2: Sack Race. This place is full of stones *which is part of the game by the way.*


A place, preferably with stones as the way, and also one with a tree nearby and shady for the facilitators. This time it's Avenida Ysabelita (places with names are a shoo-in and good for rhyming the clues.) It helps also if you cordon the area.

In-charge / Facilitators:

Ate Maricel, Kuya Denz and Ate Janice

What you need:

  1. boxes, bottles or cartoons to act as a minefield. (in our case we used our company's products as the minefields)
  2. a blindfold (hanky or scarf)cartolina ( color coded. depending on what color the team is. in our case 4 different colors).
  3. yarns
  4. tie box
  5. whistle
  6. timer
  7. rules/point sheet
  8. back-up clue for the facilitators

What to do with the materials :

to the cartolina
  1. cut the cartolina 1/8 lengthwise.
  2. each team would have 5 pieces*depending on a pair* of 1/8 lengthwise cartolina with their color.
  3. write "a dream" or "goals" on one side. (dream/goal examples: car, house, success, savings, goals, travel)
  4. write "a bit" of their clue the other side
  1. make sure to indicate if it's a dream or a clue.

Why "a bit" of their clue only?
  • they would need the 5 pieces to form or arrange their next clue.

Where would they place the 20 pieces(5 pcs x 4 teams) of cartolina ?
  • You have to place those cartolinas hanging on a tree using a yarn. { refer to the picture on the left }

Once again they are asked to pair up { look at the line they made at a picture on the right side } and they have 10 minutes to finish the game.

For each pair, one would be blindfolded and the other would be the guide. Let them decide who gets to be blindfolded and the guide.

  1. The guide and the blindfolded person must be careful not step on the "mines" which are the cartoons and boxes all over the place. Make sure the spaces you create are just enough for them to take a step and not to touch the boxes.
  2. The guide would dictate to the blindfolded person which step and how many to take, carefully avoiding the mine and leading the blindfolded person to reach for the "cartolina" with their corresponding color with their dreams and the clue at the back on a tree. { refer to the 4th picture on the right: the funniest pair of all. }
  3. The guide must be the only one who would dictate and nobody from their group. They can cheer and encourage the pair though.
  4. Explain that once a pair is finished they are to attempt to form the clue at the back of each dream. { refer to the 5th picture on the right side.}
  5. Remind them about the 10 minutes limit.

Point System:

  • for each piece of cartolina: 100 p.v.
  • for each team that finished the task: 500 P.V.
  • forming the clue: 1000 P.V.
  • Finishing the task in less than 10 minutes: e.g. 8 minutes - they have 1,000 Points per remaining minutes. If they finished it in 8 minutes, they have an additional 2,000 points. Round-off is applicable: example - 8.50 minutes that is equivalent to 9 minutes. Only 1,000 points to be added

Point Deduction:

  • when they step on a mine (box, cartoon): 50P.V.
  • when they pulled the wrong cartolina: 50 P.V.
  • and other unfair practices they might think of.

What if they did not finish on time?

10 minutes is 10 minutes.

  • The Facilitator would blow his/her whistle to indicate "Stop" and record how many cartolinas they got. How many pairs finished.
  • The Facilitators have extra "envelopes" for each team for their next clue.
  • Note: Make sure to indicate the envelopes which team is it for. Each team has different clues. Finished or Unfinished the next clue would be given to them. The points for completion of a clue will be null and void.


A tip on how to succeed in Network Marketing is FOCUS. Focus on one company. The voice in the game would be the "company". Just focus and you will reach your dreams. Of course, there are obstacles *the Mine in the minefield* along the way, the road is rough *the stones* and the way could be dark *the blindfold*. But, if you focus and follow the light, you could reach your dreams. You don't reach your dreams without sacrifices, stumble blocks along the way you know. And this is one way to teach them just that.