The Game of Interdependence - Station 2

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Welcome to Station 2.

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Sack Race *with a twist*: Strike The Balance

This is the second station after Treasure Hunt. Actually all the stations are numbered according to where it is located refer to the map I made for the facilitators. But, the clues and the sequence of each team varies making them hop from one place to another.

This time the game is located at the Windmill Lane of Felis Beach Resort.

TIP: In looking for locations you have to at least look for shaded areas so as the facilitators won't get too tired or to beat.

In charge:

Ate Disay and Kuya JunDi

What the facilitators need:

*2 sacks
*16 plastic cups (4 Cups per team) or Styrofoam cups - we used our Vendo Coffee cups, it's recycled. We are nice to Mother Nature you know.
*Beach Water *if you are at a beach use the beach water, if not use tap water*
*Pail of Beach Water *so that you can recycle the water too*
* 2 litro Coke Plastic Bottle ( a choice of any bottle - once again recycled) with Point system in the bottle *Point System would be up to you this time. Point System would measure the amount of water they accumulated during the game
*Rules Sheet
*Point/Record Sheet

Rules and Mechanics: Minutes: 10 minutes

Question: Why set minutes? If there's no limit to finish the task the game could go on and on. It's better if there's a set time. But, of course if you have all the time during the day, you can have no limit to minutes.

This time there is no Warm-up Task.

Once the team arrives, the Facilitators/ In charge would explain the rules and the mechanics.

Since there are 10 members each team (make sure the number of team members are EVEN - if you have games that needs pairing up, so as to be fair.) this time they need to pair up. Having 5 pairs each team.

TIP: This game can be done one by one but you have to adjust the minutes because it might take longer to finish the said task.

They have to form two lines with pairs on each side.

*Each pair would get two sacks, one for each pair. And, just like a sack race they have to get inside it.
*They would be handed 4 plastic/Styrofoam cups *2 cups each.*
*In front of them (but not in their way) they have a pail of water and it's up to them to fill their cups with the amount of water they want. (Of course, everybody would fill it up! The more water, the better.)
- After filling it up with water

*Just like a sack race they have to go around the BOTTLE (remember there are 2 bottles) but at the same time they have to balance it and avoid spilling too much water from their cups filled with water.

*Once they reach the Bottle, they have to pour their cups of water into the bottle and go back to their line, circling the bottle.

*Once the first pair is finished, let the next pair do the same thing until it is finished.

*Remind them about the minutes they need to finish the said task.

By the way in our game we only used one bottle. But, in our opinion it's better to have two bottles.

Point System

Their points are based on the amount of water they placed in the bottle. If it fills up - always, record the amount of water before throwing them away.

Finishing the task in less than 10 minutes: e.g. 8 minutes - they have 1,000 Points per remaining minutes. If they finished it in 8 minutes, they have an additional 2,000 points. Round-off is applicable: example - 8.50 minutes that is equivalent to 9 minutes. Only 1,000 points to be added.

Point Deduction

If you find anything that is very foul you can deduct points. Not much violation in this game.

What if they did not finish on time?

10 minutes is 10 minutes. The Facilitator would blow his/her whistle to indicate "Stop" and record how many bottles they got so far. The Facilitators have "envelopes" for each team. Finished or Unfinished the next clue would be given to them


*The two bottles might fill up right away, just record the measured points and throw the water into the pail *to be re-used* so that it can be refilled. Then add the points up.

*Discard the 4 cups the previous team used right away. Use a different set of cups for another team. Because, in our experience the cups were drenched and soaking wet and almost ruined when the last team used it.


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Cooperation and Interdependence.

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Sounds like fun to me!

cute naman nung game! =)

how u doin tina? sori if i dont drop by so often. im kindah busy eh. im goin back home sa april. =) i miss u na.mwahugs. take care always.

That's a good way of re-inventing the sack race. So, who won the race?

mukhang super multi-tasking :)

Sidney: Yes.. it was tons of fun!

Ychel: hehe. oo nga eh.. im soo glad you are coming back and happy! miss you too sis!!

Ate Mari: Yeah.. unique noh? :P it was the blue team who won the over-all race...

Dimaks: Haha. sinabi mo pa!

Wow Tina, what a interesting twist to the sack race, sounds like fun!