The Game of Interdependence - Station 1

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Welcome to Station 1.

Treasure Hunt: "Seek and you will Find".

This is located at the far end of Felis Beach Resort. It's like a trip down to memory lane. It has a big "lapida like" memoir with history etched on it. Beside is a Balete tree.

and this is where Station 1 will be located.


Kuya Lauro, Kuya Lito and Kuya Welhem.

Before starting the game, the facilitators must explain the mechanics and the rules. Facilitators you have to be clear when you explain the rules to EVERY TEAM.

What the facilitators need:

*Roselle and Spirulina Candies
*Roselle and Spirulina bottles with the colors of the team on top.
*Timer / Stopwatch
*Point/Record Sheet w/ infos such as: which team, how many minutes they finished the task, point deduction, how many bottles they found.
*Rules Sheet
*Water and plastic cup
*Extra clues for each team in case they don't find their clues in time.

Rules and Mechanics:

Minutes: 10 minutes

Do not let them enter the cordoned area which is the "hunting/searching area" without finishing the "warm-up" task.

What is the warm-up task?

They have to be outside the search area when they do this. Before starting the "treasure hunt" they have to finish eating 5 Spirulina Candies and 5 Roselle Candies per team, which would mean 1 candy a choice of spirulina or roselle without water and they really have to chew it (the facilitators have one litre of water as back-up. It is to be used for emergencies). Everyone has to participate and everyone should have their share. 50 points will be deducted if one did not participate.

Once, one team member is finished eating, he or she must raise his/her hand and have his mouth checked and that team member would be allowed to enter the search area.

What will they look for?

5 spirulina/roselle bottles with their "team color" on top to identify it.

What does it contain?

Each bottle contains one piece of paper. 4 of them would be blank and only one would contain the next clue.

Note: They should not touch or open the bottle of other teams. In doing so, 500 points will be deducted from them. They should not open their bottle until they finished looking for all 5 bottles.

Point System:

Per bottle: 500 points X 5 = 2,500 Points
Finishing the task in less than 10 minutes: e.g. 8 minutes - they have 1,000 Points per remaining minutes. If they finished it in 8 minutes, they have an additional 2,000 points.

Round off is applicable for the seconds. :)

Following actions will make them lose points:

Illegal entry - 100 points
Touching/Replacing other team's bottle: 500 points

what if they did not finish on time?

10 minutes is 10 minutes. The Facilitator would blow his whistle to indicate "Stop" and record how many bottles they got so far. The Facilitators have extra "envelopes" as back-up for each time in case a bottle got misplaced, or they did not finish on time.


*Sometimes they would just barge in the cordoned area without asking the facilitators what to do. So be sure to tell them at the beginning to talk to the facilitators before starting a task.


Teamwork. All for one, one for All.
Division of Labor *dividing the candies*
Learning how to "Seek". Remember the future belongs to the Seekers.

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